Retailer Info       

     As a retailer, you can post multiple surfboard ads on this site and thus use this web site to post your current stock of boards. You can manage these adds year round using this website. You should only use this site if you are planning on keeping the posted advertisements current.
      All board postings have the option to include up to 2 surfboard photos in JPEG format. The pictures must have a maximum height of 350 pixels, and a maximum width of 130 pixels. The board packages are shown below:

5 board package:    $80 / year           ($16 per posting per year)
10 board package:    $120 / year         ($12 per posting per year)

     You get to manage these postings year round, meaning that once a board is sold, you can remove it and then post another one in its place (without any additional fee). Thus, with either of these packages, you could end up posting dozens of surfboards in a year (there is no limit on how many boards you can post in a year, the only limit is the number of concurrent postings, either 5 or 10). In addition, a feature will be added in the near future to 'search by company' so that a board seeker can see all the board postings of their favorite surf shop or manufacturer. Only companies with retail accounts will show up on this list.
     To start a retailer account click on 'sell a board' on the menu, then click the 'create account' button, and then select 'retailer' as your account type. Once you create an account, you can then purchase a 5 board or 10 board posting package. After making this purchase, you will immediately be able to start posting your surfboard advertisements.